Why poor Walt should have seen a Financial Adviser

Why poor Walt should
have seen a Financial Adviser
those of you who haven’t seen the hit TV series Breaking Bad, the story follows
Walt, a chemistry teacher who’s diagnosed with lung cancer and his radical
approach to ensuring the financial security of his family on his evitable
you put Walt’s money laundering, corruption, extortion and generally becoming a
criminal mastermind aside, would Walt have acted differently if he had known
that he would be diagnosed with lung cancer? 
He probably would have.
not counting the numerous laws he’s breaking, Walt’s real predicament is that
he should have seen a Financial Adviser earlier in life and had simple family
income benefit policy put in place.  This
would mean that whether he was diagnosed with lung cancer or suffered a fatal
accident his family would have received a lump sum pay out and/or monthly
income for the rest of their dependency and his whole life of crime could have
been prevented.
are a society that is very quick to assume that we will never be diagnosed with
a terminal or critical illness or be involved in a fatal accident.  But if that were to happen, what would your
family do?

insurance is not as expensive as you think considering the consequences of not
ensuring the financial security of your family, should something happen.  Why not speak to a Financial Adviser today?