Take Control of Your Legacy

Writing a will puts YOU in charge of distributing your assets when you pass on. Without one, the government decides who gets what. (See Intestacy Rules).

Provide for your Loved Ones
Use your will to look after your spouse, children, relatives & chosen friends with total clarity on who receives exactly what & in what proportions.

Save your family serious tax bills
Skilful estate planning in a properly structured will can legitimately shield your estate from potentially massive inheritance taxes.

Shield Assets from Soaring Care fees
Specialist trust vehicles incorporated in your will by a professional can protect assets from the impact of long-term care costs.

Appoint Trusted Guardians
Select and name guardians in your will if you have young children, and rest easy knowing they will be cared for by those you trust.

Prevent Nasty Family Disputes
Most of us have heard horror stories but a legally binding will makes things clear to avoid confusion and bitter squabbles tearing families apart.

Secure Second Marries and Blended Families
For remarries and stepchildren – a will is vital to guarantee your wealth passes to your chosen beneficiaries while also protecting your new spouse/partner.

Life is unpredictable
Call us now for expert advice on planning your estate and protecting all those you hold dear.

Further information about Wills:

Estate planning and the provision of Wills are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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