One for the guys
did you know that you are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer rather than
suffer a heart attack or stroke?  And did
you know that prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men?
to Cancer Research statistics in 2011 41,736 men were diagnosed with prostate
cancer with 10,837 deaths in 2012.
in treatments and early diagnoses has led to higher survival rates with 84% of
men diagnosed between 2010-2011 predicted to survive for 10 years or more but
what if the worse should happen?  Does
your life insurance cover early diagnoses and low-grade cancers?
and more frequently life insurance companies are recognising the importance of
early diagnoses and tweaking their policies to reflect this and make themselves
stand out.  A good example is Bright Grey
who have just announced an adjustment to their critical illness policy to include
low grade prostate cancer.
have decided that they will pay out 20% of your cover (up to £15,000) should
you be diagnosed with a specified stage of prostate cancer.  If later, things progress for the worse and you
meet their full critical illness definition, they will then pay out the full
amount of your cover.
you would like to discuss life insurance in more detail, call one of our
Advisers on 01636 870 069.

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