Equity Release

Release cash from your home so you can do more in your retirement

Are you a homeowner, with only a small mortgage or mortgage free, aged 55 and over? Then equity release might be for you.

Equity release enables you to release cash tied up in your home to provide a lump sum. You can use the lump sum for any purpose, such as home improvements or to provide a regular income.

Although less common Equity release, or a Lifetime Mortgage can also be used to buy a new home.

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Equity Release

  • Release cash tied up in your home
  • You get to remain in your home until you die or go into long term care
  • You don't have to make repayments, the loan is repaid when you pass way or go Into Long term care
  • Could be an alternative to selling up and down sizing
  • Can be used to buy a property
  • Possibility of releasing further cash in the future
  • A "No negative equity" guarantee
  • Possible "Inheritance guarantee" ensures you can leave an inheritance to you family
  • You can chose to make partial repayments
  • Chose an income or Lump Sum

There are many different providers, each with different features, benefits and criteria, your adviser at DALES will help you find the most appropriate solution to fit your requirements.

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