Divorce & Separation

Relationship breakdown is a fact of life. However, this does not lessen the emotional and financial impact it can have. Divorce and separation can present major financial complications and dilemmas.

It’s reasonable to say that every person’s situation is fundamentally unique and complex in its own way but the first step to working through the most pressing concerns is to discuss your situation with an adviser, in an informal and confidential meeting.

There are many areas where financial and legal advice work in tandem and we regularly work with solicitors and clients, moving through this difficult time. Whether that be providing documents for mediation and court, valuations of old life insurance policies & investments, or dealing with pensions.

We can also help with obtaining a mortgage when the time is right, processing Pension Sharing Orders and offering advice on debts and Life insurance.

Fundamentally, we will be patient and kind and will take the time to help when and wherever we can. We acknowledge that we are not your solicitor or a legal adviser but that we are here to support you with the financial issues that inevitably arise.

Our initial meeting will be completely free of charge, however long it may take.

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