MORTGAGE BEST BUYS, 2 year deals

Mortgage Best Buys – 11th May 2011

Current 2 year best buys, based on a 65% Loan To Value.


TMW (The Mortgage Works) – 2.75% fixed until 31/07/13 – total fees of £1,036 (in valuation)

Woolwich – 3.08% with a 20 month Fixed rate – total fees of £948.93

L&G – Leeds Building Soc with a 4.69% fixed until 31/05/2013 – total fees of £559 (inc valuation)

Newcastle Building Soc with a 4.64% fixed until 30/06/2013, but the fees increase to £1,350 (inc valuation)


Coventry -2.29% – bank base +1.79% for 25 months – total fees of £1,012

Nationwide – 2.75% – Bank Base +2.25% for 5 years fees are very low at £124

These are just best buys, they are only shown as an example of the type of rates available, you should always seek advice when buying a mortgage. As Independent Financial Advisers, we are able to select and advise from the Whole of the Market.

The loans above are based on a 65% loan to value on a house costing £250,000.

You may not fit the criteria of the above lenders.

For Further information, or advice

phone: 01636 642 844 or 0115 832 0265.

PNDALES LTD are authorised and regulated by the Financial services authority. You home may be at risk if you fail to keep up payments on any loan secured against it. PNDALES Ltd a typical fee for mortgage advice is £350, the precise amount will depend upon your circumstances

Web site update due soon

Long time no post,

We’re in the middle of a major site redesign right now, and will update the blog as and when we expect the site to go live.

Within the new site will be an annuity comparison tool, you will be able to enter the value of your pension fund and find out who will give you the best annuity. A similar tool will exist for life cover, and you will be able to apply for cover online. A mortgage comparison tool will also be added.

With all three of these systems they will as you would expect from DALES independent financial advisers, search and compare the Whole of the Market.

However, it is always worth discussing your situation with an adviser before going ahead. Often with a mortgage while you may see a deal that looks fabulous, its important to remember that even our comparison tool, can not take every part of your situation into account, and has to make some assumptions. Annuities are slightly different, for example your pension may be a S32, and as such not all providers will accept an open market option, or immediate pension purchase, without affecting the level of Tax Free Cash you may be entitled to. With Life cover there is less of an issue with acceptance criteria, here it is more to make sure you buy the most cost effective solution for your situation, is level term assurance or Family income benefit better for your situation? Speak to one of our advisers and we can guide you through the variety of options.

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