Reviewing your Pensions

Pensions are a tax efficient way to enable you to save sufficient money to live comfortably after you have stopped work, in later life.

However, over time you may have accumulated several pensions. Indeed, you may have many individual pensions from various employers or personal schemes - especially now that workplace pensions are compulsory.

This may prompt many questions:

Are the pensions doing what they should?
How much will I get in retirement?
Do I need to pay in more?
Can I simplify these pensions?
Am I paying extra charges by having lots of small pensions?
What happens at retirement if I have many small pensions?
Can you help me find my pension?
Can I take my pensions as a lump sum?

We regularly get asked these questions and many more. At Dales we offer to review your existing pension schemes and advise on what (if anything) you need to do. In some cases, it can be as simple as helping you to understand what you have in each of your pension funds and what that will mean when you reach a suitable retirement age.

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