Advice & Meetings Covid-19 Update

Virtual Independent Financial Advice

Although the Government has announced that non essential retail shops can start to re-open in the coming weeks, there has been no mention of our type of service, traditionally as an industry we have always worked largely on a face to face basis. Clearly we are all now working from home and continue to offer advice to both new and existing customers. However, we can enhance that service by offering virtual meetings.

For new customers we want to offer you a way of getting access to the independent financial advice you need, while keeping staff and yourself safe.

Zoom, WhatsApp & FaceTime, 

Here at Dales we want to continue our great service and are more than happy to use the latest available technology to keep in touch. Whether it be Zoom, WhatsApp or FaceTime, please just let us know and we can arrange a virtual meeting at a convenient time for you.

We will offer virtual reviews for existing clients or virtual independent financial advice, by just removing the physical meeting.

Going forward this may become the new norm, as more and more of us have used such systems over the last 10 or so weeks, to keep in touch with our relatives and loved ones.

Most of the providers have moved increasingly to accepting electronic instructions, and the need for paper has reduced even further, since the lockdown came into force.  Long term this will be beneficial from both a transactional point of view and of course for the environment.

We also realise that for many of our clients they may be in strict shielding and again we reach out to them and offer to stay in touch, you are not forgotten and we are here and will facilitate reviews and on going services in a way that suits you.

or Tel: 01636 870 069