Telephone Update

All our regular telephone lines are now back up and working correctly, so please disregard yesterdays temporary number updates.

All the numbers shown on the web site are currently functioning correctly.

Philip Dales

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Following continued phone line issues please be advised that none of the Newark based numbers are currently working, therefore please redial any of our other numbers and we will direct your call.

Newark – please use either 0333 77 20 501 (our mobile friendly number) or 0115 772 2049

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Telephone System error:

Please be advised there is currently a routing error with some of our telephone lines: Therefore as an interim measure please use any of the following numbers to contact DALES:

Nottingham:                    0115 772 2049
Newark:                          01636 870 035
ALL mobile friendly:        0333 77 20 501

These lines have been tested and are connecting correctly at present, the web site will be updated shortly with these numbers:

Just to reiterate our regular numbers, please redial as follows:

Notts: 0115 832 0265 should be redialed   0115 772 2049
Newark: 01636 870 069 should be redialed   01636 870 035

Or in all cases please feel free to use the mobile friendly: 0333 77 20 501. 

We apologise for any inconvenience this telephone issue is causing.

Philip Dales

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